The Odyssey

“There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.” …

Assignments in Google Classroom: The Odyssey
Literature: Homer’s The Odyssey:
  1. Odysseus – Watch Clash of the Gods Pt. 1 and answer questions provided
  2. Odysseus – Watch Clash of the Gods Pt. 2 and answer questions provided
  3. Mapping the Odyssey: using an interactive map provided, identify 14 of the locations/obstacles Odysseus encountered on his journey home.

Grammar / vocabulary:
  • Excerpt from The Odyssey practice and quiz due 1.7.19
Homework (class time will also be provided)
  • The Odyssey of my Life: create an illustrated timeline of events in your life (see rubric)
  • Check Google Classroom for a Quizzizz – Odyssey assignment