St. Lucy's Home for Girls — 5

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Students learn to write an objective summary. They also continue to develop speaking and listening skills as they work in small groups to analyze how Russell introduces and develops the central idea of human identity versus wolf identification in this passage.

1. Discussion / Summarizing a Text

  • Developing a central idea

2. Review Vocabulary

  1. rein (n.)
  2. delectable (adj.)
  3. improvised (v.)
  4. infirm (adj.)
  5. bristled (v.)
  6. tranquilizer (n.)
  7. dislocation (n.)
  8. beckoned (v.)

3. Read closely

While reading this passage, consider how Russell develops central ideas in this short story.

  • Read “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” by Karen Russell, pp. 227–230 (from “That first afternoon, the nuns gave us free reign” to “It all felt like a sly, human taunt”), in which the pack moves from Stage 1 to Stage 2 of lycanthropic culture shock.

4. Answer questions

After each reading, complete the linked page of questions and email your responses to . Answers can be simple phrases, you do not need to use full sentences — I’m primarily assessing your comprehension of the text.

  1. How does the pack feel at first about being at St. Lucy’s?

  2. How do the nuns treat the pack at first?

  3. How does Russell use specific word choices to develop the pack’s reaction to the smells of St. Lucy’s?

  4. How does the oldest sister react to the nuns’ approach?

  5. How does Sister Maria interact with the oldest sister?

  6. What effect does Jeanette’s naming have on the pack?

  7. What relationship is established between the nuns and Mirabella in this excerpt?

  8. Describe the mood of this excerpt of text (pp. 227–229). Cite specific words and phrases to support your response.
  9. How does the mood of this excerpt relate to the description of Stage 1 given by the epigraph? How does this relationship develop an important idea in the text?

5. Short essay response (quick write)

  • Lesson 5. How does Russell introduce and develop a central idea in this excerpt?
  • Summarize epigraph 2

Include this lesson’s vocabulary wherever possible to develop the topic through the use of well-chosen, relevant, and sufficient evidence. Use your Short Response Rubric and Checklist to guide your written responses. Send in your responses to!

6. Vocabulary

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