St. Lucy’s Home for Girls — 3

Students listen to a reading of the final two sections (Stages 4 and 5) of Russell’s short story before analyzing the interactions of the characters. Students also focus on developing speaking and listening skills by participating in a small-group collaborative discussion. Lesson 3 in Google Doc format

1. Listen/Read Along

In this passage, listen for specific details that develop Mirabella’s interactions with other characters.

  • Read “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” by Karen Russell, pp. 240–246 (from “Stage 4: As a more thorough understanding of the host culture” to “‘So,’ I said, telling my first human lie. ‘I’m home’”)

2. Review Vocabulary

  1. frog-marched (v.) – forced a person or persons to march with their arms held firmly behind the back
  2. muzzle (n.) – a device placed over an animal’s mouth to prevent the animal from biting
  3. intercepted (v.) – seen or overheard (a message, transmission, etc.) meant for another

3. Answer questions

Answers can be simple phrases, you do not need to use full sentences — I’m primarily assessing your comprehension of the text.

  1. How does Mirabella treat Jeanette and Claudette at the beginning of Stage 4?
  2. How do the nuns treat Mirabella at the Debutante Ball?
  3. Why does Mirabella jump on Claudette?
  4. Why does Claudette “grunt[]” at Mirabella that “[she] didn’t want [her] help”?
  5. How does Claudette feel about Mirabella’s actions? Why does Claudette feel this way?
  6. What happens to Mirabella following the Debutante Ball?

4. Short essay response (quick write)

  • Lesson 3. How does Mirabella interact with the rest of the pack?

Include this lesson’s vocabulary wherever possible to develop the topic through the use of well-chosen, relevant, and sufficient evidence. Use your Short Response Rubric and Checklist to guide your written responses. Send in your responses to!

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