St. Lucy’s Home for Girls — 2

Listen to a reading of the next two sections (Stage 2 and Stage 3) of the story, and then analyze the cumulative impact of Russell’s word choices on the tone of the main character and narrator, Claudette.  Lesson 2 in Google Doc format

1. Listen/Read Along
In this passage, listen for details that develop the narrator’s tone.

2. Review Vocabulary

  1. dislocation (n.) – the state of being out of place
  2. shunned (v.) – avoided deliberately and especially habitually
  3. etiquette (n.) – conventional requirements for social behavior
  4. rehabilitations (n.) – the states of being taught to live a normal and productive life

3. Answer questions

Answers can be simple phrases, you do not need to use full sentences — I’m primarily assessing your comprehension of the text.

  1. What do we learn about the narrator in this excerpt? Use details from the text to support your response.

  2. What specific details about their behavior does Russell use to describe Mirabella’s and Jeanette’s places in the pack?

  3. How does Claudette describe her place in the pack?

  4. What tone does Claudette use in her descriptions of Mirabella’s behavior?

4. Short essay response (quick write)

  • Lesson 2.  Describe Claudette’s tone in her description of Stages 2 and 3 of lycanthropic culture shock. Cite specific evidence to support your response.

Look at your notes or the text itself to find evidence. Include this lesson’s vocabulary wherever possible to develop the topic through the use of well-chosen, relevant, and sufficient evidence. Use your Short Response Rubric and Checklist to guide your written responses. Send in your responses to!

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