St. Lucy's Home for Girls — 16

Students prepare for the End-of-Unit Assessment by reviewing how to make a claim and write an introduction while analyzing the relationship between Claudette’s development and the five stages of Lycanthropic Culture Shock. Students also learn how to write a conclusion in this lesson.

1. Review Homework Responses

(Write a paragraph in response to the following prompt: Make a claim about Claudette’s development in each stage. Write one claim for each stage, five claims in total. Use this unit’s vocabulary wherever possible in your written responses. Use the Short Response Rubric and Checklist to guide your written responses.)

2. End of Unit Assessment

Review prompt and rubric.

  • Analyze Claudette’s development in relation to the five stages of Lycanthropic Culture Shock. Write a multi-paragraph response using evidence from the text to support your analysis. Structure your response using the Stages from The Jesuit Handbook on Lycanthropic Culture Shock.

Review Claims and Introductions

3. Short essay response (quick write)

Lesson 16. Draft an introduction to the end of unit prompt

4. Write a conclusion

An effective conclusion:

  • Restates the claim
  • Reviews how the evidence presented in the body of the writing supports the claim
  • Includes a clear final statement that supports the information or explanation presented and explains its importance

5. Homework

Continue to plan and organize your response to the End-of-Unit Assessment prompt using the Stage Evidence Gathering Tool and your claims about Claudette’s development in each stage (refer to Lesson 15 homework).

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