Hamlet — Lesson 10

In this Mid‐Unit Assessment, students use textual evidence from one of Hamlet’s first three soliloquies to craft a formal multi paragraph essay about how Shakespeare develops Hamlet’s character in relation to other characters.


Write a multi-paragraph response to the following prompt:

  • Select one of Hamlet’s first three soliloquies. In this soliloquy, how does Shakespeare develop Hamlet’s character in relation to other characters?

This is a formal writing task, and should include an introductory statement that introduces the topic of your response, well-organized textual evidence that supports the analysis, and a concluding statement that articulates the information presented in the response. Please use proper grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling and to refer to your notes, the text, and your previous quick writes.
When grading, I’ll use the Mid-Unit Text Analysis Rubric.


Be sure to:

  •  Closely read the prompt
  •  Organize your ideas and evidence
  •  Develop a claim that responds directly to all parts of the prompt
  •  Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support your analysis
  •  Follow the conventions of standard written English