Sophocles' Oedipus Rex

A. [TEXT] Oedipus Rex – Storr translation


B. [AUDIO] Audio version with text (Librivox)

Part 1
Part 2

C. [PRESENTATION] The Theban Plays

D. [GRAPHIC] Course Hero Infographic

Infographic Quiz
Oedipus Rex Infographic (Course Hero)

E. [TEXT / DRAMA] Oedipus Abridged (Reader’s Theatre)


F. [VIDEO] Why Oedipus?

G. [AUDIO] Oedipus Rex: Audio Performance

Chatterbox Audio Theatre: Oedipus the King – Act I | Act II | Act III. Ensemble audio performance, with additional MP3 lecture by Professor David Sick.

H. [VIDEO] Oedipus Rex Summarized

I. [VIDEO] Oedipus Rex: 1957 Film
[VIDEO] Oedipus Rex: 1984 Film