Journal #9: Rewriting the Past Pt 2

What would the world be like today if … ?
Using your selection from the previous week, present your alternate history.
What, exactly, happened? What changed? What consequences came from it? What would the world be like today if this change had occurred?
The medium you use to present your history and/or event is up to you, though this is more than just a simple paper. You must present your ideas in a creative manner.
Some ideas you might use to present your “new history” include: writing a textbook chapter that includes pictures, facts and information about the event in history. Make a magazine or newspaper, with proper journalistic style writing. Conduct a nightly news program. Make a documentary. Put together a collection of photographs (TIME or LIFE magazine style). Create an advertising campaign – include your analysis of who is the audience, what is your appeal, use of propaganda?
Be prepared to fully explain what, when, where, why, who, and how it happened to the entire class. Your project should include this information without the teacher or the rest of the class asking questions.

Journal Responses: Guidelines
Unless otherwise directed, your tone may be casual, rather than formal.  Apply your short response rubric/checklist.

  1. Incorporate the prompt in your response.
  2. Respond to all parts of the prompt (watch for multi-part questions or multiple sentences).
  3. Use full, grammatically-correct sentences and coherent paragraphs.